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    Believe in Your Wings

    My creativity and artistic interest has been a thread running through the fabric of my life. Raised in a environment where creativity was nurtured and encouraged, I experimented with just about every kind of creative expression from finger paints to technical drawing. Believing a career in art would not sustain me, I chose to train as a Technical Illustrator, a safer more believable career path. I stumbled across graphic design during my training, fell in love with the medium and now have over 20 years of experience as a designer

    and illustrator. My career also includes creative leadership, art direction, brand identity development, product design and marketing; all of which combine to provide the knowledge and skills to collaborate on a wide variety of projects.


    My artwork is a labor of love and a heartfelt reflection of the beauty and wonder of nature, whimsical memories from my childhood, and watching my own children as they encountered the world and discovered the joy in everyday simple things. I make



    my home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest surrounded by trees and wildlife. I live with my husband and a stable of pets, two Welsh Corgi’s (a rather spirited one and one that is basically a door stop), an old toothless kitty, a black-pather-esque kitty and a posse of chickens. We also raised three wonderful adult children; a daughter and two sons.

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